The Anderson Book Nook

2019 – 2020 Trade and Donation Policy

DONATE: Book donations are always accepted. (Donation means books that donor does not want trade-in credits for.) There is no daily limit for books being donated. Please make arrangements prior to dropping off large donations.

TRADE: Trade three books to get one book/one trade-in credit. Credits can be used during same visit or recorded in the Credits ledger to be used on a future visit. Some books such as children’s books, cookbooks, or religious books may be traded as 4-for-1 or 5-for-1 depending on size and condition.

Trade-in Credits are given for books according to the following guidelines:

1. Must make a purchase or give a donation of at least $2.00 for every 10 credits used. Customer will pay for the highest priced book or item they select. For more than 10 items, additional items will be considered as a separate transaction, using up to 10 credits and paying for one item for each additional group of books.
2. The number of books to be brought in for trade-in credits is limited to 60 books per day. For 30 or more books we reserve the right to count books at a later time when customer is not present and record the number of credits in the Credits ledger for future use.
3. Book Nook may not accept some books based on age, condition, odor, content, or our need to have it in our inventory.
4. We accept vintage books as donation or trade, based on the same criteria as other books. For old and vintage books, we reserve the right to determine eligibility for credit at a later undetermined time and then record the credits in the Credits ledger for customer’s future use.
5. Books with yellow price stickers, books priced higher than $3.00, and specially priced merchandise cannot be acquired with trade-in credits.
6. Books that are free (marked with black X) or purchased for 25₵ cannot be returned for credit.


Books that may contain outdated information, such as medical, health, vitamin, diet, technology older than 2010; movies; music CDs. (Magazines are accepted as donations)

Paperback and softcover books from a public library or bookstore that have been stamped or marked on page edges, cover, or spine

Hardback former library books that have been marked with three lines, or that we do not need in our inventory

Books that have any kind of condition issues including but not limited to: age, odor, moisture, mildew damage; dirty or stained books; torn covers; broken/damaged spines; hardback books that should have a dustjacket but don’t have one; all books that arrive in a container that is dirty or smelly or shows signs of insects or rodents; books with rummage sale stickers

Small romance novels such as Harlequin and Silhouette. (We do take “Love Inspired” books by Harlequin 2015 or newer)

Readers Digest Condensed Books

Textbooks and Encyclopedias

Instruction manuals for a specific service or product such as cameras, tools, appliances, or cell phones

Spiral-bound books, three-ring binders, any book without a traditional book binding Brochures, pamphlets, small or thin books

We reserve the right to NOT give credit for novels by specific authors (i.e. Danielle Steel) older than 2010