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Statistics indicate 17% to 19% of adults in central Indiana are considered to be functionally illiterate. They don’t have the basic reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension skills needed to perform daily routine tasks. The Madison County Literacy Coalition offers a second chance to adults who were unable to learn in traditional ways.

Our mission statement is, “ that all can read," and our program is based on Frank Lauback’s literacy model “Each One Teach One”. Adult volunteers are matched one-on-one with adult learners for weekly instruction. Tutoring is offered at no cost to the learner and includes: developing overall literacy skills, reading comprehension, preparation for GED test, assistance for driver’s license test, and addressing other literacy issues.

The Coalition’s youth literacy programs include the “Bookcase Project”. The “Bookcase Project” creates areas in apartment complexes, social service agencies, and other places where children may benefit from books. Each reading area is stocked with a variety of new and gently used books for youths of all ages and reading levels. The Coalition has distributed thousands of new age-appropriate books to youths throughout the county.

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