The Anderson Book Nook

Dreaming of the Aqua Alta Bookshop

There is a bookstore hidden along the canals of Venice, Italy. I have never been there, but know of it. The books are not on shelves but contained in bath tubs, canoes, and even a gondola. When the tide rises the water fills the store. However, the books stay dry in their containers and floating vessels. People from all over the world wander in to buy mistreated paperbacks-souvenirs for dear family members.

I was dreaming of Acqua Alta Bookshop and it’s floating collection of books when I realized that if the shop sold anything other than books, it would not be such an interesting destination. The water rises a hundred times a year flooding the store, yet an impressive collection of books stays safe and dry in floating containers. An innovation which proves every city can and should have a bookstore.

Our community believes this too. The Anderson Book Nook thrives in a time when independent bookstores are disappearing exponentially. Through donations The Book Nook has amassed an amazing selection of reading materials, and thanks to avid readers we are able to keep the doors open and fund The Literacy Center. We are proof that any city can have a bookstore!

So, if you make it to Venice check out the Acqua Alta Bookshop. Certainly, there is nothing quite like it. However, if you just need something to read, stop in at The Anderson Book Nook. We have something for everybody, and when you shop and donate with us you are promoting literacy in Madison County!

Written by: Brett Wiley