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Becoming, the Joy of Biographies

Mark Twain once said, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” I agree, and that’s why I love to read biographies. Life creates wonderful stories, and there are many interesting books written about people. Growing up, my mother read me books about baseball players, movie stars, and even alien abductions. Since then, I have been fond of biographies-finding inspiration and joy in their printed pages.

Last spring, my mother would regularly ask me, “Does The Book Nook have Michelle Obama’s biography, Becoming?” I kept an eye out, but unfortunately it never came into The Book Nook. However, when my Mom’s birthday came in May, I realized the perfect present. I paid full price for Michelle Obama’s book at the grocery store, and surprised my mother with it on her birthday. It was her favorite gift, and I enjoyed the next several weeks as she savored every word. I was pleased that the book found a frequent home on the coffee table, and I enjoyed hearing excerpts from Michelle Obama’s life and time in the White House. I learned much about the Obama’s that I did not know.

For instance, I never knew the story of the First Lady’s garden. I remember President Obama referring to Michelle’s carrots during a press conference, and I assumed she was a long time gardener. Turns out, there is much more to the story. Michelle became concerned with nutrition during Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign. Her family had fallen into the pitfall of convenient food over nutritious food, and there were health concerns with their children. This led her to find counsel with a nutritionist. The nutritionist eventually became staff, and collaborated with Mrs. Obama on a garden at the White House. I wish I could convey to you the poetic way Michelle describes strawberries in June, the succulence of ripe peaches, and perfect Kale chips. However, it would be no substitute for reading the book.

My love of biographies continues. This fall, I plan to read the biography of publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst and pop-culture icon Kayne West. Surely, I will be astonished by the circumstances that led to the success of these fascinating men, and I am looking forward to many hours of engaged reading. Are you are looking for a good read? I highly recommend a biography. The Book Nook has an excellence selection at an affordable price. You might even find Michelle Obama’s Becoming. However, it won’t be my mom’s copy. She made it clear. She’s keeping her’s!

Written by: Brett Wiley