The Anderson Book Nook


The Coalition’s youth literacy programs and projects are collaborative relationships with organizations in Madison County. Book Nook sponsored Little Free Libraries are located at Dove Harbor and Growing Anderson Community Garden behind the Mounds Mall. The outdoor walk-up book boxes hold books for readers of all ages. Visitors are welcome to take a book to read then bring it back or replace it with another book for others to enjoy.

Our Little Free Libraries are stocked with books donated to the Book Nook. This is another way our community is making a difference with book donations. Not everyone has access to the reading materials at the public library, and The Little Free Library books are available to everybody without a membership card or fees. We at the Book Nook strive for a literate community. However, we depend on the support of the public to reach our goals. Shopping and donating at the Book Nook does make a difference in this county. Thank you, everybody, for your wonderful support!

Growing Anderson Garden

Behind the Mounds Mall

Dove Harbor

1400 Broadway St, Anderson, IN