Remembering The Book Mobile

August 5, 2019


In my youth, there was only one thing more exciting on a summer afternoon than the ice cream truck, and that was the Book Mobile. When summer break became tiresome, my younger brother and I would delight in the mobile library. I remember it parking across the street in front of my neighbor’s fountain. I would see it out of the window as I watched TV, and immediately be lifted out of the summers blues. I would proclaim to my mother, “Mom! The Book Mobile is here.” My mother would reply, “Well, why don’t you and your brother go get some books!” She would let us explore the Book Mobile without supervision making each visit a mini adventure, and instilling in us a love for books.

The Book Mobile was like an intimate book store. This made it special, and allowed me to experience books as an extension of my personality. I found my niche with the pick-a-path books. I was fond of these stories where the reader determined the outcome of the characters. I still recall plots from those paperbacks I found at the Book Mobile, and in many ways they shaped my identity. They were my introduction to philosophy, economics, and science fiction, and the foundation for my free thinking perspective. Looking back, I loved getting books at the Book Mobile!

Today some school-aged children (a brother and sister) came into the Book Nook. They walked through the door with wide eyes and a curious reverence. I allowed them to browse freely, and they were very well-behaved. The girl asked for a particular book in a series, and fortunately we had exactly what she needed. She was very excited, and purchased the book with enthusiasm. This caused me to recall my brother and I at that age and our adventures to the Book Mobile. I was filled with pleasant memories. However, no matter how much I treasured the Book Mobile, I love The Book Nook more. The Book Mobile encouraged my love for reading, and The Book Nook sustains it. Like the Book Mobile, The Book Nook is a place where every portion of my imagination can be nurtured!

Written by: Brett Wiley