The Joy of Re-reading Books

April 11, 2019


We all have our favorite books: books that we quote, read over and over again, and hold dear like loved ones. Good books make lasting impressions and over the course of a lifetime will change a person’s perspective. That’s why avid readers will re-read their most treasured books. I have revisited books throughout my life. Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and the gospels of The New Testament have been a few. However, Brave New World has had the greatest influence in the development of my life philosophy.

Brave New World, a dystopian novel, challenged my reading ability and intellect at eighteen. However, I did not understand its sociological significance until I revisited it my sophomore year of college. I went on to re-read Brave New World twice in college which led to a fascination with all of Huxley’s works. My entire life perspective was altered. When I met my girlfriend she did not understand my Brave New World references. She would ask, “Who are the Alpha’s and Beta’s and what is 'Soma'?” So we read the book together, and I finally understood the bizarre ending. Recently, I was shopping at the Book Nook and found a nice copy of Brave New World. The price was good, and I bought it. Now I am excited to find new insights as I read the book for the fifth time.

I was always a good reader for my age. However, I have acquired advanced comprehension skills through the reading I have done as an adult. It takes much practice and many teachers for one to become a good reader, and if someone misses out on the fundamentals they will never have the tools to advance. The purpose of The Literacy Center is to help adults with these fundamental tools so they can become functionally literate and learn to enjoy reading. We all know the pleasure of reading and re-reading our favorite books. Thank you for helping someone else know that joy!

Written by: Brett Wiley